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Kevin E. Kimbrough, CEO
A strategic business executive with over 25 years of business management experience in a wide range of industries. With an emphasis on process improvement, Mr. Kimbrough is a recognized industry expert in the retail automotive industry and has been honored for his leadership on numerous corporate, civic, municipal, and state commissions, boards and other professional contributions...
About the k.e. kimbrough company
We pride ourselves in our unique ability to provide our clients world class product and services that exceeds the performance measurements and the high standards that we set for ourselves and our clients needs.

We blend a diverse business mix that continues to grow in step with our clientele, each division within our company has undergone rigorous performance appraisals, is then measured and bench marked against the top 5% of companies in those areas in which we compete. This assures those high standards in which we strive for daily.
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