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Seyf { is it safe }
Coming soon...
The greatest single leap in consumer safety!

+ Is coming to your mobile phone and desktop...  

+ Drive seyf, cruise seyf, bus seyf, ferry seyf, shuttle seyf, taxi seyf, play seyf, eat seyf... Be Seyf!

+ Seyf will provide consumers the ability to easily access safety and health data on key products and            services. We are developing mobile, social and local technology applications that will assist users of 
   Seyf in the following areas:

  • ​Safety and Health Information
  • Reliability
  • Fitness for use
  • Recall information
  • Publicly available information

+ We will compile this information, along with consumer input and provide users with an easy to read            score/grade that will provide them with improved confidence in a product or service's safety history! ​

+ It's your money... spend it Seyf-ly!

+ Seyf is on a mission to improve consumers access and confidence in products and services in which        they use...
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